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About Us

Miraj Healthy Grill Restaurant offers just that a Burgundy-tablecloth, fine-dining experience serviced by a knowledgeable, expert and friendly staff eager to escort you through Persian customs.

The environment mixes traditions of a distant land (traditional music) with flavors of basmati rice, tomatoes, and grilled kebobs making it a modern art.
Persian cuisine is one of the most surprising cuisines, while Its basic Ingredients are familiar to most, such as lamb and rice, the Ingredients that enhance It, while not unknown, are used Infrequently In Western Cuisine: Pomegranates, pistachio nuts, saffron, dried lime, rosewater, yogurt, cloves, barberry, fenugreek, the unique spice sumak - the list is endless Food is our passion, and nothing is more satisfying for us than to see our customers' smile after taking their first bite In our restaurant, Join us to enjoy the most tender baby chicken marinated In Saffron which melts on your tongue, heavenly sweet and sour "Khoresht FesenJan" made with dry roasted walnuts, pomegranate Juice, chicken thighs, basmati rice and many other unexpected delights which will bring the Miraj Healthy Grill Smile on your face.

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